ThermoFisher Scientific LTQ Orbitrap XL

  • Hybrid ion trap, Orbitrap mass spectrometer
  • Accurate mass instrument (routinely < 5ppm on precursor)
  • High resolution, typically 30,000 for peptides
  • Very high resolution possible (>100,000 at m/z 400)
  • Reversed-phase separation of peptides using integrated Proxeon nano-HPLC
    Agilent 6520 Accurate Mass QTOF

  • Hybrid quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer
  • Integrated nano-HPLC
  • Integrated CHIP CUBE (microfluidic C18 column for peptide separation)
  • typical peptide resolution >10,000
  • typical peptide mass accuracy <5 ppm
    Amersham IPGphor & Bio-Rad Protean IEF

  • Isoelectric focusing units
    Amersham SE 600, Ettan DALTsix, & SE62

  • Second-dimension gel electrophoresis and electrophoretic transfer units.

    Fujifilm FLA5000

  • Laser imaging system (three lasers, dual photomultiplier tubes)
  • Capable of imaging Cy2, Cy3, Cy5 dyes, Sypro, ProQ, etc. fluorescent stains
  • Phosphoimaging capability (NO radioactive samples are allowed in the Center)


    ABI Voyager-DE Pro

  • Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer
  • Linear and reflector modes
  • Capable of high-throughput peptide mass fingerprinting
  • Capable of intact mass determination of proteins

Applied Biosystems 4700 MALDI TOF-TOF

  • MALDI tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometer
  • Linear and reflector modes
  • MS and MS/MS modes
  • High-throughput instrument (192 samples in MS mode in about 2 hours)

    ABI QStar

  • this instrument is not stunned, or resting, or pining for the fjords. It has passed on, is no more, has ceased to be, expired, gone to meet its maker, bereft of life, it is an EX-instrument

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